Maximum Style – Minimum Budget

…And What is Panache on a Pittance??


Once upon a time, in a land of Betty Crocker cupcakes and shuttered houses surrounded by colorful gardens with white picket fences , lived a sassy little girl who dreamed of the day she would grow up, have many children and a beautiful home of her own. Lo and behold, when she went away to college she found a Prince, got married, built a castle to her own specifications and furnished it with her somewhat unlimited budget and started creating her family. Alas, along came disaster with the big “D” (and I don’t mean Dallas) and the next ten years found her living in increasingly smaller houses and rental apartments.


Now you would think she was pretty miserable, living this way after her former sumptuous lifestyle. But, you see, she found she could create fabulous spaces in her rental dwellings with a little Magic. She learned how to Reimagine her home: Refresh the old wood pieces with a little paint, Reinvent those ratty draperies into fabulous pillows, Renew ugly cabinets with a little ingenuity, Replace needed furniture and accessories with some inventive thrift store shopping and Revive boring interiors with some creative rearranging and VOILA! She had discovered PANACHE ON A PITTANCE!


The story doesn’t end there. Along came a handsome English Knight, who swept her off her feet and encouraged her to explore her designerly talents. They got married, immediately adding more beautiful children to her family and bought a villa to accommodate them all. She went back to school, earning a design degree, and went to work as a designer for a high-end furniture store in a nearby upscale town where she got to decorate the homes of the wealthy and elite. Now you can find her happily inventing new designer techniques in her own thriftily-furnished home and ready to share her education and knowledge with all the townspeople who want to Reimagine their homes with a little Makeover Magic. And you can contact her today!

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